Friday, November 12, 2004

Happy Birthday Tim ... Love, Mom

MEMORIES ........There are so many about you Tim.

I remember when you were born and they brought you in to me I thought you were sooooo good looking. I couldn't wait till someone came in so I could show you off. You were a great and easy baby...

...I remember you and Kat scavengering the dumpster behind Lookout Mt. Elementary School at the beginning of summer vacation, trying to find treasures of pencils, pens, erasers, milk tickets, clothes and other fascinating items. You saved us lots of money.

...I remember when you were about 11 years old you decided for some reason to see how long you could hold your breath while looking in the bathroom mirror. The next think I know I heard a loud thud. The next thing I knew you had passed out on to the bathroom floor. Always experimenting....

I remember your first day of prep school ( jr. high) you had great angst because you heard upper classmen had a vicious history of locking 7th graders in their lockers. You arrived home downcast that first day. There were no locker escapades but your couldn't get your locker open and were late for you class and got hollered at. That same day it was raining and your notebook cover got wet and colored your white shirt blue. You didn't want to go back to McCallie. ( Aren't you glad you did? ) I think there is a lesson there.

I remember sooo much more but above all I remember how much we enjoyed you and your personality.

We love you and are so thankful God has given you to us, but how in the world did you become forty?

I made some chocolate cookies for you and have sent them to your friend that should be there now. Have a great B' day. We wish we could be there to celebrate with you- old man. You have 100.00 dollars to spend as you wish on the internet.

Love you,

Mom and Dad


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