Friday, November 12, 2004

Happy Birthday...Chuck


Well, your 40th birthday is upon us. Yikes, that means I'm not far away. Your better half is collecting stories for this occasion and I'll try to contribute. Because this is a birthday thing, I'll start with your 17th (I think) birthday. If you remember it was a surprise party. I got you over to my house and we went to your house that was filled with people. I believe you were actually surprised. Then we all went to the back of the mountain for a square dance. The fun for me was on the trip home. The old yellow triumph's engine blew up on me on the way back and we had to bum rides from our parents and friends for several months.

That junior year we had all classes together and rode to school together. Then we had Gary Bickerstaff along our senior year. I still have not seen him since then. I'll pass over the McCallie stories because Brent was in most of them and we should be positive on past stories.

I'll skip forward to Orlando. You pretty much turned a very stressful situation in the Navy to an enjoyable year. I really enjoyed hanging out with you and Ben and the rest of the gang. That church you worked at is still what I think a church should be like. I also liked being around your youth group in the meetings, the work projects, and the fun stuff.

To end this trip down memory lane, I remember when you got back from that meeting/conference where you met Annette. (This is for you too Annette.) I remember going to your apartment and asking you about the trip. You had this big grin on your face and said, " I met this girl." I have known you for many years and have never seen that smitten look on your face before. You were a goner from the start. I was fortunate to be able to go to your wedding. It was almost unbelievable that I would be passing by Kansas going to my ship in San Fran. at the same time as your wedding. Only you could get that stupid toast out of me.

Well, happy birthday. I hope you two are well down there. Same boring stuff up here.

I hope you get a bunch of good stories. Now that your parents are moving back here, you two are next. When is it going to be? Come on back home. Please contact me the next time you are around; we didn't get that much time the last time.

Until later,



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