Friday, November 12, 2004

Wow, Forty years old. You're a geezer :-) Susan McCullough

I met Tim through New City Fellowship Orlando, at the Bible studies and planning meetings before the church actually got off the ground.

I loved Tom and Annette almost from the beginning. One of my favorite memories of Tim is when Annette and I and someone else (I forget who...Tammy, maybe?) were having tea at the little house on the lake Tim and Annette lived in. We took our tea out to the dock and found ourselves in need of refills. About that time, out comes Tim, wearing shorts, T-shirt, cumberbund and a tux coat. He and Annette had had some sort of fancy event the night before and he still had his tux. He walked with great dignity, tea tray held high and steady. He served out tea with an amazingly straight face and elegant decorum in very silly circumstances. Pure Tim.

I admire Tim's ability to be so funny and so gentle at the same time, so that when he pokes fun, it is never hurtful or cynical.

Tim and Annette are 2 of my favorite people.

Wow, Tim. Forty years old.
You're a geezer.


Susan McCullough, a little more cynical and already several years down the geezer trail.


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