Monday, November 15, 2004

Best Wishes for a truly stupendous 40th Birthday, Christine and David


A very happy 40th birthday greeting to you. You have led a very full and, most importantly, Christ-honoring life, and we know you will continue in that direction. You are a shining example to us in your love for the Lord and your willingness to serve Him.

God has led you to make some outstanding choices in your 40 years, like deciding to attend Wheaton (-:, choosing to go onto full-time missions and marrying Annette. All have been right-on-the-money! We trust He will continue to honor your willingness tofollow His direction.

Tim, you are a good friend and we know Mexico is a better country because you are there and we know heaven will be fuller because of you (and Annette!). Your parents have much to delight in as well because they reared you to be the outstanding man you have become. But I will stop the lauding now lest your head just some memories I (Christine) have of you.

I always crack up when I remember how you used to come up to me as I was praying before a meal at SAGA and, while I was thanking the Lord for His provision, you would whisper into my ear, "Say 'hi' for me." I've used that so many times!

I also remember the fun weused to have, late into the night, making up messages for my answering machine in my college apartment. Remember when we went into Chicago to the symphony to see Sir Peter Ustinov narrate Poe's "The Raven"? That was great.

I also fondly recall the time Charles Bailey and I were going out, in your car I think, and you hid in the trunk to come along with us. You nut!!

My time at Wheaton was certainly made richer because of you. You are a good friend...and now you are 40! Here's to 40+ more happy, fun, exciting, fulfilling, joyous, blessed and taco-filled years ahead!

Muc hlove and best wishes for a truly stupendous 40th birthday!

Christine and David


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