Friday, November 12, 2004

Happy 40th!!! Jim & Leta

Dear Tim,

Happy 40th!!!

At least you aren't over the hill yet. Whenever you are wondering if you are over the hill, let me know, because I have 101 ways to tell if you are over the hill (e.g. "When you sit down for breakfast, you hear snap, crackle and pop, but you haven't poured the milk on your cereal yet!").

What I remember most about you Tim, are the weeks we spent together in OC's internship back in the summer of '96 (?). What I remember about your internship is that there was more laughter and deep learning that took place that year, than ever before (You know that laughter and learning aredirectly related!). And you were at the heart of the laughing. The Lord has given you such a merry, joyful heart that is infectious. Because of that, people, most of all me, love to be around you!

May all the goodness of God be bestowed upon you, this day, and ever after,

Jim (and Leta too) Van Meter


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