Monday, November 15, 2004

Happy Birthday, Matt & Sarah

Honestly, I don't think I could narrow Tim down to just one event.

I mean really, who could choose just one story from a list like this: skating all over the city, painting the floor of his love nest (okay, I don't think I really did any of it, but I was impressed!), windsurfing, trips to the skate park/hospital, jumping out of tree into waist deep water from higher than anyone else was even willing to climb (Bear Creek, behind the Sloas' house), early morning snowball fights... in Orlando (breakfast club), nasal floss (boy, my sister didn't like the fact you taught me that!), watching you have to go down and pacify the police in Chatanooga after preparing a trash can full of water to dump on the girls, deciding that jumping out of a tree didn't scare enough people so Tim thought he would jump off our roof, over the pool deck and into the pool and so many more....!

Hanging out with Tim wasn't ALWAYS crazy like some of these stories, I learned from Tim that it was okay to have fun and be a Christian. His zeal for life and "sure-I'll-do-that" attitude was contagious, as was his love for Christ.

I count Tim as one of the most influential people in my life. Basically, Tim was the big brother I never had, and showed me how to be that kind of big brother to my siblings.

More on why I haven't had the chance to write sooner.... Sarah and I are looking around for a home to buy. Now, when most people hear the rest of the story, they assume "it" is the reason we are looking to buy, but in reality, "it" just lit a fire under us. Yeah, that sort of "it". I think we may have taken your written suggestions too seriously after the wedding.... We were surprised too. Thrilled, but pretty stinkin' surprised. Hee Yaaah! I'm going to be a dad! (around 02June2005)

Take care, I love you two, Matt


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