Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Memories from Eric Linares

Story #1
I guess there are several things I recall, but they are more like instances or moments in time that stick out in my mind about Tim. I remember shortly before our cruise to the Caribbean that he got himself a pair of sneakers at a store in Florida that not only provided a comfortable walk, but would also provide faster transportation via hidden wheels that could be extended or retracted like landing gear on an airplane. His shoes provided hours of instantaneous entertainment, for Tim only, as he tried to use his shoes as a skateboard everywhere he went. He kept jumping on anything that seemed like a suitable surface including the back bumper of the minivan we were using to get to the cruiseship. I have never seen before or since such admirable amounts of energy devoted by anyone to jumping on and off any type of solid or semi-stable objects. God bless him.

Story #2
The 2nd story is not so much about a incident, but a particular behavior. I just want it to go on the record that I have never seen anyone eat as many pistachio nuts as Tim. Every time he got to spend time in Wichita with Ruth's parents they would have a bowl of pistachio nuts sitting out for anybody to snack. Inevitably, every time Tim was near the bowl he would enjoy a small handful of these crunchy nutty variations of what seemed like organic crack for Tim. I can still picture him nuts in hand tossing them back as he told me about the latest techno gadgets and his sage-like advice as to which ones are the best.

The one thing I can really recall us doing together is not necessarily a fun-loving story, but just the great conversations we have had over the years and sharing our experiences. I find Tim's advice and insight very refreshing and I love his kindness, and gentleness which he sometimes hides underneath all that energy and great sense of humor.

I love you man!!! Eric


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