Monday, November 15, 2004

Wishing you a very, very Happy Birthday .... Richard and Kaye

Kaye and I will never forget the day Tim rescued me when we were at aLigonier Conference and I was about to faint from hunger. My blood-sugar had dropped considerably, and the food lines at the Convention center were way too long. As we stepped onto the curb to find a restaurant, Tim drove up with his van and offered to give us a ride. We were so grateful for his assistance. We couldn't believe that he was doing this as a courtesy - and we happened to be the beneficiaries! What a blessing he was to us - a provision for our immediate needs and then a friend forever.

He seemed so interested in who we were, where we were from. He was so friendly, enthusiastic, warm and endearing. Tim, you still are all that and we cherish your friendship. You are always reaching out to us with that same enthusiasm, love and big smile and twinkle in your eye.

We will never forget our rich experience visiting you both in Mexico. You both were the perfect guides and hosts and we had one of the best tripsever, thanks to you. Also, we would never have been able to really appreciate your work there had we not gone to visit. Now when we read your newsletters, places and names have context. Thank you for that too. My computer also sends best wishes and is dying to see you again soon. :-)

We love you and wish you a very, very Happy Birthday and God's continued blessings on you and Annette as you serve Him side-by-side.

You're not getting older 'Old Chap' - you're just getting better!

Ariba, Abajo, Afuerte, Al Dentro (You know what that toast is. Annette,please fix if it is wrong. Kaye is typing this. :))

Lots and lots of love and best wishes, Richard and Kaye

ps: Come to Orlando soon so we can fix a nice Birthday Dinner!


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