Sunday, November 14, 2004

Happy Birthday, 80 - year - old Nancy Maclellan

Dear Tim,

You're only 40, but you have pcked more into 40 years that anyone I've ever known. So, happy birthday, 80 - year - old Tim!

The first time I met you, you all had just moved to Lookout, so you were still 6. Patty and I picked up you and Kathleen for swim lessons at the YMCA, and when you got in the car, I thought a minor explosion had hit...but things are still exploding around you, like youth work in the entire Latin world.

Tim, you are one amazingly,wonderful guy, and it is exciting to see how God has so gifted you and Annette and how you are using those gifts together for Him.

You were a lot of fun to have live with us your senior yearat McCallie. Our favorite comment from you that year? "So it wasn't gas after all."

Your being at Susan and Chris' wedding meant so much to all our family...and I enjoyed watching you compete with the country's best skateboarders all around Santa Barbara that weekend.

Thanks for helping Morgan get off to a good start inFlorida, for Annette's and your asking Chris and Elizabeth (the gas) to be in your wedding, for your friendship through the years, for forgiving me when I jumped down your throat when you criticized HughO's campground breakfast of corn beef hash and eggs (he hasn't cooked since), and for the example of godly manhood that you set.

I love you and your family, and I am glad we are friends. Nancy Maclellan


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