Sunday, November 14, 2004

Happy Birthday, Tim - Minnemie

Dear Tim,

I think I have known about you much longer than I have actually really known you. I learned about you through others who love you and got glimpses of who you are in brief encounters with you whenever you and Annette passed through Florence. It was not until this past year that I really got to spend chunks of time with you to see if everything (anything?) “they” said about you were true…

The “knowing about you”-part was pretty amazing. Those who love you built you up to be an intense, loving, sincere, energetic, warmhearted, forever young, statistical, backward walking, approachable, humorous, technical, personable, forever honeymooning, walking encyclopedia, bouncing of the walls person. So naturally I was excited to have some quantity time with you and Annette in December/January and July to get to the “really get to know you”-part. And would you believe it… you really lived up to the picture painted of you – and more!

I’ve come to know you as a friend who goes “above and beyond” for his friends. A friend who energetically and lovingly gives all of himself. When Scott and I came to visit you guys this Summer, I was astonished that you would patiently circle that plaza where the government buildings and cathedral are 8 times (or was it 16… maybe 32?) to allow us to go and do some touristy things with Annette. And when that car “hit” me in the market you were not only upset, but also went so far as to run after the mad driver to demand an apology! I can not count how may times I have caught you (or actually “trapped” you) online needing some technical assistance or just plain computer 101 advice. And you always graciously give of your time and of yourself.

As Scott and I huddle around a freshly brewed pot of Adgio Foxtrot tea, we remember and appreciate our tea snob friend who has turned a regular cup of tea into a warm experience to roll around on the tongue and to treasure with memories smelling like shortbread. We lift our cups to you: Happy Birthday, Tim!

May your joy continue to touch and encourage those you come in contact with!!

Your favorite pure bred Afrikaans rock.


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