Tuesday, November 16, 2004

May the next 40 years be spent happily, healthily and together! Annette

To commemorate your 40th birthday I’ve collected notes from a cross section of people who have known you in different stages of your life. I asked them to tell a story about a time/event that they shared with you and to mention a quality of yours that they enjoy/admire. Each of these letters is a treasure, and a foretaste of Heaven where we will freely express how much we love each other and our gratitude for the kindness we have received from others.

As for me…there are so many, many stories from our life together that are worthy of retelling and reliving from our very first conversation about St. Augustine of Hippo at the Ligonier conference where you engaged me with your depth and wisdom, not to mention your striking good looks :-) to just today when we stood outside the Casasolas’ front door laughing and laughing because with just one look you knew that I was plotting a surprise lunch for you and that I’m so bad at surprises that I couldn’t come up with one more excuse to keep it a secret.

All of those stories are reminders that I am so blessed/privileged/lucky (all of those words are inadequate but words so often are…) to have you as my best friend with whom I have been able to share almost every moment, thought and experience of the past thirteen and a half years. I never dreamed that life with someone could be so fun. Thank you for your joy, your optimism, your jokes, your patience (when you’re not driving), your faithfulness, your honor, truth and duty, for all of the qualities that make you such a great person and wonderful friend.




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