Sunday, November 14, 2004

to the old guy from Chase

dear tim,

well i dont actually know how old you are but im sure its really old, because im really old now and i know youre like at least 15 years older than me.

i know this birthday letter isnt realy starting out like you would want it to but it will get better ive got a plan to bring this all back around to you being so freaking awesome, just wait you will see. so anyways back to you being super old. hahhah no im playing, well not realy but i have to say that so you wont feel so bad. so enough about you being OLD lets talk about you as a human being.

as you know you have been a major influence on my life tim. i basicaly spent the most influential years of my life growning up with you and i am forever greatful for that. you have been and always will be an example to me on how i should live my life. we have so many memories together, and so many talks and so many things that helped me through life and still help me today.

one of the things that i have always admired about you is your love for helping people and doing things for a greater good instead of getting caught up in all sorts of meaningless crap. you have chosen to make your life count and use your skills in a way that makes a difference. i think you lead by example and i am one of the people that has seen the way you have lead your life and i am influenced by what you do and it makes me a better person knowing you are living your life the way you do. if that makes sence, hahaha.

ok so enough of the sappy stuff and back to how old you are, this is an other thing i have always looked up to with you, your spirit. i think this is why we always got along so well is because we both just wana be kids forever, and the way we enjoy life is very simillar and i think its awesome. sometimes i wish i could just spend my days jet skiing, and playing dark tag, and going to bad lands skate park, and just doing all that fun stuff we used to do, but those are times in my life i will never forget and i honestly had such a blast.

ok and the last thing i want to tell you is that i love you and that YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME! see i told you i would pull it back around.

anyways happy birthday, 50 isnt so bad you still have like half your life to live man. hahahhaha.



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