Saturday, November 13, 2004

Hats Off, Tim ..... Evan Williams

When I met Tim I didn't have any use of my arms or legs. I couldn't even speak in coherent sentences. Then it was like Barnabus on theway to Damascus...I saw the light and I was undisabled.

I've always thought Tim had a knack for disestablishmentarianism andanachronisms....ever since I saw that picture of him with Che Guevaraand Ronald Regan shaking hands. Yep, some good days were had by many when...I remember when we used toplay pick-up pickup sticks after school, preempting the were they hot!

I have nothing but good things to say about Tim and his affinity for supporting the local Mexican economy. One time he stopped the car inthe middle of afternoon traffic, just to dash inside a neighborhood owned convenience store, just to let the nearby chain store know who was in control.

Tim has one drawback however...he has a propensity for scaring the wits out of unknowing Americans, hiding in domicilial vegetation for tens of minutes at a time, just so he can have his laugh and the innocent American can revisit his dinner.

But in the end, Tim has a very deep wallet and a grinch sized heart that one day may grow to be the size of a thirteen year old Mexicanboy. Let us just hope that his love for kicks and giggles grows at the same rate.

Hat's off Tim, it's the end of your good days, and well, somebody's gotta say hat's off. We all love you, even if we can't catch you while you're rolling downthe other side of the hill of life:)

with the littlest and most of sincerity,

Evan Williams


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